27 November - 18 December 2020 

Galerie Droste is pleased to present three young artists from its program who have never been shown together before. All three artistic positions deal with the human figure in their painterly practice and show diverging approaches to it in their juxtaposition. While the young artist Tamara Malcher focuses on the aesthetics of the female body and tries to break the inherent cultural-historical stigmatization through opulent, colorful works, the works of Tim Sandow are restrained in their choice of color and less confrontational in their subject matter. Sandow's pictorial language is fed by the tragedy of everyday life, which can only be captured through the sensitive observation of human gestures and situations. By means of disconcerting depictions of the persons portrayed, the artist develops a distanced, but not self-exclusive position for himself as a viewer. Willehad Eilers, on the other hand, shows once again at this fair that his strong painterly power is not only effective in large-format oil paintings, but also in small-format works on paper, which here were created from a series of portraits. Various counterfeits, distorted in their facial expressions and depicted with a humorous lightness, blur with concisely set phrases from the language of advertising, to abstract portraits, which in their entirety reflect precise observations of the present.