⁣Quickly placed brushstrokes that do not get lost in details but reinforce the pure forms of the objects, as well as a saturated choice of colors, convey an auspicious carefree attitude. It is her own narrative and an expressive response to her surroundings that French artist JOHANNA DUMET (b. 1991) instinctively puts on canvas. Her works raise questions of identity, exclusion and belonging. She works with familiar references, with auspicious subjects that instinctively involve herself and the viewer. In her table scenes, as well as in her fashion series, Dumet works with the question of the icons of our time, that related consumer behavior and further the role attributions in our society. Nevertheless, her oil paintings are to be seen as a positive affirmation of life. 
Dumet's approach to work is reminiscent of the expressive, casual painting of the 1980s, shifted to the now. The artist paints self-confidently, fearlessly, and thus joins above all the canon of contemporary women artists who no longer question themselves and their position on the art market, but loudly demand their attention. The title of her major first solo exhibition Die Geile Ausstellung leaves no doubt about this.
A catalog has been published for the exhibition and can be purchased at the gallery, as well as online.