WATCHLIST: Group show

75002 PARIS
"A, it doesn't happen, and B, it doesn't happen as you think."
The joking German commentary describes an event that happens differently than planned. 
You could also say that life is full of surprises. Or in this case the year 2020, which we think surprised us all and threw all our plans overboard. Normally our program is set one year in advance, but due to the pandemic, our plans have changed and we have changed our schedule. 
With the exhibition WATCHLIST we would like to introduce you to artists who have caught our attention. So to speak our very personal MUST-SEEs. The exhibition takes place in our new Parisian premises and includes works by six up-and-coming international artists in the fields of sculpture and painting. Represented are Lydia Maria Pfeffer (US), Mark Posey (US), Tim Sandow (GER), Ralf Kokke (NL), Oh de Laval (UK) and JC EARL (FR).

Tim Sandow
Lydia Maria Pfeffer
Mark Posey
Ralf Kokke
Oh de Laval