ART IS WHERE THE HEART IS VOL. 3 - Nacht der Museen und Galerien Münster: Group show

WestLotto, Weseler Straße 108 – 112, 48151 Münster


On the 1st of September, Galerie Droste will be presenting its third Art Is Where The Heart Is show in Münster during the Night of the museums and galleries in cooperation with WestLotto.

For the second time, Germany’s largest lottery organizer opens its doors for the Schauraum. Works by Bernhard Heiliger, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Heinz Mack, Karl Otto Götz, Walter Stöhrer, Robert Indiana or works by Christian Awe are on display.

The art collection of WestLotto is complemented by the exhibition “art is where the heart is Vol.3”. The exhibition features works by internationally known artists, who have their roots in the graffiti scene, but found their way to the studio years ago and successfully established themselves in the art market, such as Niels Shoe Meulman, EGS, Moses & Taps™ or Heiko Zahlmann. The exhibition sketches the way from classical, written graffiti to the abstraction of letters to works that are based on a graffiti piece, of mere shapes or colours. In addition, there are selected sculptural works that illustrate the range of different artistic approaches.